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Slide Maurelli Group Logo Bianco Maurelli Group is synonymous with tradition and continuous evolution. Born as a representative company for industrial vehicle spare parts. Gam logo bianco Interservice Logo Bianco Formau Logo bianco Maurelli Distributore Esclusivo Lubrificanti Italia the group Maurelli Slide Warehouse availability H24 all year round with in-house delivery service and conventional couriers Stores 40+ Slide Warehouse availability 24/7 all year round with in-house delivery service and conventional couriers references 160.000 Maurelli Group Capua Slide Warehouse dedicated to spare parts and product distribution throughout Italy. 86.000 Magazzino Gamtechnic Square meters

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Maurelli Group is an international LEADER distributing spare parts for industrial vehicles and more. Its resolute ability to satisfy the customer at any cost and respond to the sector’s multiple needs has enabled it to expand its range of offers and services that involve trucks, trailers, and semi-trailers at 360°. The offer starts with selling Original and AfterMarket spare parts, carried out through its network of subsidiaries located in Italy and abroad, and continues with after-sales service and professional training, both entrusted to the best experts and professionals. They are always up-to-date on the evolution of electronic and diagnostic systems. The Group also has a vast range of spare parts distributed under its brand, GAM Technic, and an authorized multi-brand garage for industrial and commercial vehicles. In addition, Maurelli Group has set up a network of selected and specialized M-Truck garages to guarantee H24 roadside assistance and repairs in record time.

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has more than 60 years of experience



With over 60 years of experience, the Maurelli Group is synonymous of tradition and continuous evolution. Founded as a representative company for industrial vehicle spare parts, thanks to the farsightedness of owner Giacomo Maurelli, it embarked on a series of transformations that anticipated market changes and led to the birth, development, and consecration of what is now considered an international LEADER.


The Group’s value is in its ability to handle any need and demand for trucks, trailers, and semi-trailers. The core business of the Maurelli offer is the sale of Original and Aftermarket spare parts available H24.

The offer is enriched with GAM Technic spare parts, which the Group sells exclusively. The additional services the Group can offer go from specialized and cutting-edge training to after-sales assistance provided by technicians equipped with the most sophisticated diagnostic tools.

From professional maintenance management that minimizes costs and vehicle downtime, to the 24-hour roadside assistance service.

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Distribuzione SpA

He real beating heart of Maurelli Distribuzione SpA is its warehouse, which covers an area of 86,000 square metres and accommodates more than 160,000 references that are always available.

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Maurelli SpA, born from the evolution of Maurelli Distribuzione, is one of the most representative international companies in the Truck sector of industrial vehicle spare parts.

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Formau provides training courses on the most advanced and complex systems and has a chemical laboratory to analyze liquids.

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Interservice is a multi-brand garage offering a unique spare parts and accessories area for industrial vehicles and an authorised dealer for selling original spare parts of the most popular brands.

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Maurelli Guaranteed After Market

Maurelli Group has developed its own GAM Technic brand, which it distributes exclusively in all its subsidiaries. GAM Technic consists of a unique mix of quality guaranteed and certified spare parts at competitive prices.

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It is a networkof excellence comprised of all certified and guaranteed garages under the Maurelli banner, present throughout Italy.


Accessories Automotive

Motyx aims to meet the needs of the automotive market. The core business is represented by the distribution of a variety of accessories, satisfying the demands of various application areas: from the chemical line, to accessories and tools, up to personal protective equipment.

Maurelli Distributore Esclusivo Lubrificanti Italia

lubricants Repsol

After a long collaboration with Repsol, Maurelli is today the only official distributor of lubricants and special liquids in Italy.